Friday, April 24, 2015


A new pet arrived at the house last weekend, and his name is Fred. Clearly I am comfortable enough to use my pets in food, as this pet is all about the food producing, and the 'him' is a little bit of overkill, to be honest.

Fred in his jar
As you can probably guess, Fred is a sourdough starter, and has been named after the last sourdough starter I had years ago. Somehow, giving him a name makes me more likely to remember to feed him. There were offers to pick up starter at A&S and I was so caught up in Pent, I totally forgot. However, someone (Thanks E!) in the neighbouring canton was kind enough to share some of hers with me, and so Fred is slowly taking over the counter.

As much as I adore sourdough bread, I decided to branch out and baked up some quickbread with a chunk of Fred. Cinnamon quickbread (a muffin recipe baked in a loaf pan.) Turned out pretty well!


Yvette said...

And a link to the recipe or a reference to the cookbook it can be found in... :)

Jazmin said...

There's a link! It's just really hard to see, but I'm not so cruel as to post baking photos with no link to the recipe. :)