Friday, May 22, 2015

A moment of pause

Apparently more than a moment of pause in my posting, but I can be a touch on the scattered side. (Just a touch, stop laughing. Fine. More than a touch.)

The last month has been a glorious whirlwind of stuff, from A&S in early April (which I did post upon) to Fool in mid-May. I taught beginner bobbin lace on the cheap (hello Imposter Syndrome, how nice of you to come out to play), met awesome people and feel really content with my choice to not commit to a lot of classes, but rather drift in and out as social and whim caught me. One of said new friends commented on his blog about a gaming con that he knew things were good when he missed panels because he was too busy enjoying the conversation, and therefore wasn't bored and watching the clock, waiting for the distraction. That was Fool this year for me. I'd realize I was 20 mins late for a class I was interested in, because the company and conversation was too enjoyable to leave, and then decide to arrive late, or not go at all. Such a difference a year makes, when last year we knew about 4 people on site when we arrived and there was a lot of lost drifting.

With no more teaching/speaking obligations facing me 'til the Fall (huzzah!), my warm wooly knee high stockings done (just in time for summer!) and my fian challenge not yet started, I decided to a) take up a new to me skill and b) enjoy a bit of a handwork palate cleanser.

The first? I got an inkle loom on the cheap, because apparently looms really /are/ like pringles, you can't have just one. It looked a bit different than most of the pictures, but through copious stalking of weaving groups, I found another that looked the same and got it warped up.  43 threads of crappy but ubiquitous size 10 cotton. (I think it breeds in my house, I keep using it and I keep having MORE. I may be weaving with crochet cotton forever.) I think my tension is settling in, but wow am I slow at this. It'll come with practice, but this is not going to be knocked out in a blink.

The second is my palate cleanser piece. My first lace love was knitted lace, and it's a familiar comfort to settle back into tiny thread and needles and a nice chart. I've had this super tiny Dandelion doily on my ravelry queue for ages. Its a modern designer (few of those doing anything that's not a shawl), and so I figured I'd give it a go. Size 30 cotton here, and 2 mm needles.

Ideally I get this little guy finished up before I face a year's worth of needle lace. (What was I thinking? Seemed like a good idea at the time!)

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