Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birthday Bread Pudding

As it's the spouse's birthday, there was his choice of breakfast, Bread Pudding. Starting with an allrecipes version, we ended up with this.

In a 9"x9" pan that's been sprayed with cooking spray:

 8 slices of day-old farmer's bread ripped up in small bits and put in the pan.
2 generous soup spoons (kinda like tablespoons) of vegan marg, melted. Drizzle over the bread.
Sprinkle liberally with raisins.

 Mix together: 4 eggs
2 cups almond milk
1/3 c packed brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla paste
1 T cinnamon (I really like cinnamon. adjust to your own taste)
Whisk it up well, and pour over the bread.

Forget to pre-heat the oven to 350, so let it all soak while the oven heats. Bake for 40 mins or so.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear sweater..

Dear orange lacy sweater,

I know we haven't had the best of relationships over the years. You were supposed to be a quick fling, and it's turned into a ploddy dragging long term thing that neither of us are enjoying. The trick of having wildly disproportionate sleeves only at the largest size.. not really cool, and I know my short waistedness mixed with my love of shorter sweaters caused us some problems. 

It was a cruel taunt when I had you all finished, bound off, washed and blocked and then realized that something was horribly horribly wrong.

I'd carefully paid attention to the rate of decrease in your raglan shaping for the fronts and sleeves, blithely assuming that the back would take care of itself. It hadn't. The back was about half again as wide as it needed to be, and while there's a time and place for an off the shoulder boat neck look, a lacy raglan cardigan is neither time nor place.

There was a moment, it wasn't a good moment, where you almost ended up in the back of the closet that we just don't talk about. That moment may have lasted a while where I covered you up with a towel on the floor where you'd been drying and pretended that somehow ignoring you would make things fit. (Pro Tip: It didn't.)

You have to understand, I hate finishing. I hate working button bands, I hate sewing seams. The idea of ripping out that hard won button band out and starting again almost undid the resolve.

I am pleased (and vaguely dreading) that you are back on the needles, sleeves and fronts holding steady while we quickly grab over 30 stitches out of the back. 

Please work out this time? It'd be best for both of us if we could put this to bed.

Much love,

PS: I am, with every stitch, so profoundly sorry about the yarn. I really am. We'll get through this together. You're a fabulous colour, we'll just cope with the embroidery floss level of splitting going on here. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


There are few who know me who don't consider me to to stubborn. I'm not fast, I'm not generally clever, but I get stubborn. (Weirdly, I also have an irritating habit of letting things slide once they're past their flush of exciting, so fleetingly stubborn?)

In any case, I read a fleeting throw away comment about making lucet cord on a couple of pencils and had an epiphany. (It was pre-coffee, it doesn't take much to have an epiphany at that point. Oh look! I have fingers! Epiphany!)  I started with pencils and a hair elastic holding them together at the bottom and quickly moved on to a couple of wooden dpns and a hair elastic. It works surprisingly well.

It does make for a good finger busy fidget task. Likely also excellent in the car, but I haven't tried that one yet. I might on the weekend in various road trips.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Productive weekends are productive.

It was, to be fair, more of a mini holiday. 4 days off work. One day was the first of our summer parties, filled with people and food and the spouse snaking out the drains a mere couple hours before 20 people arrived. The other three days were days of Finishing Things.

The mystery shawl? Finished and washed and blocked.

The Stor Lysedug doily? Washed and blocked. (I finished it a while back.) Although the camera really didn't like the spiral colours, it's far less trippy in person.

Acorn blackwork? Done, washed and mounted. (It's sitting with a teeny pincushion I made a few weeks back, and a needlecase that was a gift.)

My version of the Decimal sweater? Finished. Washed and blocked. (It doesn't fit, and I rather hate it through no fault of the pattern. Perhaps that's why there's no photo)

Six litres of strawberries and a litre of rhubarb? Mixed with much sugar and vinegar into 10 litres of various cordials, a litre of freezer jam and 2 litres of boozed fruit.

Another shawl got tossed into the frog pile as life is too short to work with crappy poly cotton and another doily almost faced the same fate until I did another row and determined it was pretty good. It can live another day.

This was how I felt by the end of it:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Momentum and chatter

It's easy to lose momentum on a new habit, and clearly blogging regularly is still a new habit for me. I also struggle with a mix of really enjoying the blogs that chatter about life and then promptly getting shy when it comes to my own life. Mixed in with getting so far behind on what's been going on that it feels overwhelming.. well.. then there's big gaps. Still, I will just pick up at the here and now, and show things as I work on them, and chatter as I think on it, and anyone who actually reads this (of which I expect there are few if any), shall just cope. :)

I have two rows left on clue 4 of the mystery shawl, with the final clue coming out on Sunday (unless its early again). The shawl is nice enough, I'm not in love with it, but it's perfectly adequate and while I'm very ready for it to be over, I don't regret doing it. This photo is from about 18 rows ago and is vaguely blurry. I'm a knitter, not a photographer. (Not using my cell phone would probably be a good start, but that's besides the point.)

I have an extra long weekend coming up, and while there's a party at our house tomorrow (Ack! Must finish cleaning! Must start cooking! Ack!), I expect to do have little save for clean up that needs doing on the three days after that. Which means I get to pare down the epic I WANNA list down to something actually possible in three days that will include naps, feet up and lemonade as well.

I don't always promise cute cat photos, but as an apology for having vanished for weeks here's the calico hard at work on the back of the couch.