Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In just an hour a day!

That really does sound like an infomercial that I'm about to try and sell you the ab stuffer, or something equally absurd.

No no, my hour a day is that hour after I get home and before my darling spouse gets home. When (these days) its finally daylight, it's just me and the cats, and quiet. I work in tech support, so I spend my day helping humans, and there are more than a few days when I don't actually like people by the time I get home from work.

I've been working on a giant (for me giant) lace piece on a deadline. (Apr 11 soft deadline), and these days the only way I will make that deadline is by working on it Every. Single. Day. I can't sit at the lace pillow for epic marathon sessions (at least not and still walk afterwards), so there's no making up for it later if I miss a day. Every. Single. Day.

I usually hate that sort of thing, as soon as I /have/ to do it, generally I hate it and kick and scream like a toddler being dragged away from the all you can eat candy. I'm really enjoying this, though. I'm enjoying that pause to be quiet, to sit in the sunshine and sometimes listen to a podcast, and sometimes just listen to the quiet click of the lace bobbins. Hopefully once this current project is done (I'm 3/4 of the way!) I will find something else to fill that hour in the sunny back room. My loom lives there, soooo. ;)

Secret project #2 was finished just in time, and was a knitted ram as a thank you for our Baroness for coming out to College Royal. He's been christened Ramsey, and looked like he settled in Penda's chair quite well in Penda's absence. I'm really pleased with how he turned out. I love the pattern, and the addition of wee horns just added to it.

Ramsey's glamour shot on my lace pillow, complete with mood lighting

Friday, March 20, 2015

The List

Doesn't everyone have a list? Or a bazillion lists? In my case The List (yes, even saying it the capital letters are there) is the collection of things I'd like to try, projects I'd like to do. Generally it is wide ranging in interest, sometimes downright delusional in scale, and more wish than reality.

For a long time The List lived only in my absent thoughts and memories, but I've moved on to actually writing it down (and reserving the right to change it at whim, because it's a living thing, a moving target, a reflection of my current capricious interests.)

In the interest of full disclosure, currently The List looks like:

  • Soap making
  • Indigo vat
  • Blackwork collar and cuffs for a smock
  • Leather shoes
  • Canton banner
  • Work through Le Pompe patterns
  • Needle lace
  • Halva
  • Tatting
  • Cutwork
Have you got a list? Do you try and keep it in your head? 

As reward for getting this far in my ramblings, have a picture of Dalla 'helping' with my lace. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fleeting thoughts...

Which probably should go on twitter, it's the usual spot for random bits of thought, but as I've neglected the blog, they're coming here. In no particular order:

- Sooper Sekrit project #1 is done. His name is Charlie.

This is a terrible picture of Charlie, but I was an idiot and neglected to get any glamour shots before he went to his new home. He is a merpegacorn (aka all terrain unicorn ) who now lives with Orla in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova. Careful what haphazard comments you make to a knitter at QPT. 

- Sooper Sekrit project #2 is finally in progress after some hiccoughs. Oddly enough, more on that later when it's no longer a sooper sekrit project. 

- There is value in writing out everything you need to do and by when. There is terror in writing down everything you want to do and by when. 

- The real challenge in enter Pentathlon at Kingdom A&S is not the doing of five projects. I'm ADD enough that five projects is a question of picking which five. No, the huge challenge is working out what level I am at various things, (Beginner? Intermediate? Arrogant / confident enough to claim advanced? Nawww. Not advanced. Maybe advanced knitting? Dammit!) and documentation. Which I have some mental block against and want to either throw my half assed notes towards, or write up a dissertation about. Middle ground? Bah! No middle ground.

- It's been a long time since I did teaching that required more than 'hey, we're going to do this now. Lemme show you how!', and erk. Oh dear. What was I /thinking/!?

- I am really stunningly spectacularly bad at asking for help / info. I look at other requests for things and info and I go 'hey, I wanna know that too! I've been wondering that for a while!' and avidly follow the conversation, but somehow never manage to be the one to ask first, as if there's some merit badge in floundering.

- Between the gamers I know, the SCA people I'm getting to know, the wide and diverse collection of people in my life (even just peripherally), I am eternally astounded and in awe at the beauty, creativity, wisdom, skills, knowledges and sheer volume of omg awesome that I get to peek at every day when I shamelessly live vicariously though others' posts. It boggles the mind, and makes me smile. (And feel a bit like a fraud, hoping they don't find out I'm here. Shhh.)

Friday, January 30, 2015


I am terrible for never putting plans out there, or not until they are mostly a done deal. If I tell people, then when I don't manage to get them done, I dont feel as if I look the fool. (I'm very very good at making many many plans, most of which dont come to fruition.)

So while I might fail, here's my aim before Kingdom A&S in April (early April. Oy.)

I'm hoping to enter the Pentathlon. Cause I'm dumb like that. (Much like my second race was a triathlon when I took up fitness, again with the dumb like that.)

Five entries, five categories (again, dumb like that.) Knitting, bobbin lace, horn carving, calligraphy and a research paper.

Bobbin lace entry is done (unless I get another spool of silk, and then it's 4/5 done.)

Knitting is eternal. (Seriously. Tiny needles, tiny gauge, big leg. Eternal.)

Horn carving is 1/3 to half done.

I'm not sure /what/ I'm entering in calligraphy. (I'm brand new at it. As I am most things on this list.)

Research is into medieval sheep breeds. (Why yes, yes I am a fibre geek.)

It might work out, I might just enter a couple pieces and do pent next year. Hopefully admitting it will help it come true! (or have people tell me I'm nuts.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Burn the candles

I understand that this has been mostly a maker blog (food, textiles, stuff!), but as I'm really writing for an audience of one (me! Hi me! Nice of you to stop by!), it'll end up wandering off.

I shared a post on FB not so long ago titled 'Burn the Candles' which most took literally to burn candles they haven't used, and I took more generally. Burn the candles, but also use the good china, the fancy hand creams, the new pretty undies.

As I sit here using the nice hand cream (formerly being saved, now sitting on my desk at work being used many times a day), I realize how nicely that post dovetails with another post I read recently. It was on the other side of the coin, of getting rid of stuff. Only keep what brings you joy. Use the good stuff, the gifts, the pretties, but it's OKAY to get rid of the hand cream that you kept putting to the back of the cupboard because you hate the smell. Share it with a friend who likes it, or just get rid of it. It doesn't need to clutter your space, nor your guilt.

I've some throwing out to do when I get home tonight.