Friday, June 26, 2015

Needle lace bookmark

I finally took the deep breath plunge and actually started a needle lace bookmark that I've been hauling around the directions (A handout by Mistress Meadhbh ni Dhubhthaigh, thank you!) for in my folder for months. MONTHS. Seriously brain, this is not that complicated or even all that exciting. It's string and some card and more string. If it's awful, you're going camping next week and can throw it in the fire.

It's a super beginner little bookmark, basically spending more time learning how to couch threads down onto a pricking, how to work over threads, how to hide ends. All the basics that one really needs to know. The pattern suggested starting with size 5 cotton, but as I'm already well familiar with small threads, I grabbed a scrap ball of size 30. (That and I have an entire ikea box of size 30 in stash and I'd have to go buy size 5. It's like ROPE to me. Size 30 seemed giant enough. Ahhh, perspective.)

I shrunk the pattern down a bit to be more pleasing to my eye (oh yeah, and cause I'm using smaller thread), and then couched down the border. Now its a never ending stream of button hole around said border. I had thought my tension on the border threads was pretty good, now that I'm working on it, it could have been tighter. I think it'll be fine in the end, but its fairly floppy before I get it covered. Also, I need to work on my button hole stitch consistency. Story of my life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Faery fest and spinning

It was a lovely, if warm by the end, day at Faery Fest. Rumour has it that it's the last one, but we'll see how that shakes out over the next year. A work colleague took a picture of me spinning, and I continue to rock the utterly not photogenic side of my world. I was plying the turquoise random wool at the time, you can see the Andean plying bracelet on my wrist.

As part of the demo, I always have a spindle along with me so that I can show the similarities and differences between wheel and spindle. I had my never ending silk, but I also brought along a spindle and soy silk to give it a go. I mean, how hard could it be? I'm an experienced spindle spinner!

Yeah. Right. Soy silk and I didn't get along at all. It manages to be sticky and slippy all at the same time, and wants to undertwist and snap and run off on its own little way and bah. I am very grateful to have brought the silk, as there's only so many times you want to do the drop and swear thing in front of people you're pretending to be an expert to.

I did a bit of reading up about soy silk (nothing like research after the fact) and tried a bit of spinning from the fold and spinning a bit thicker than my norm. Apparently we have come to some sort of tentative truce, although it also seems to require that I spin standing up. I didn't even ask on that one.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Procrastination is my bane. It is why there's a month between blog posts (even though I've had things to say and things going on.) It's why there's not as much done at home as there should be. Its why the last minute exists in my world. Sometimes, there's a whole lot of scared behind it.

I've a couple big projects on my horizon, and both of them are intimidating as all hell. There's a lot of learning curve, a lot of potential failure.. a lot of expected fail as part of the process, honestly. Which is why I dont want to start. If I haven't started, I haven't arsed it up yet. I haven't wasted materials and time, because that's all my brain clings to, rather than the wealth of experience and learning I do get.

So rather than pattern drafting and teaching myself needle lace, I've been weaving. No, I don't know why I'm content to work on /that/ new skill and not others, but plain inkle weave is basically the weaving equivalent of an endless stream of garter stitch dishcloths. My loom was cheap from an estate sale, and has an obnoxiously short warp (60 inches if I weave long past easily woven), but makes for a quick, mindless, relaxing way to use up cotton scraps.

My first warp was all about the Miami vice colours: 

My second one was chosen to match my felted bag with the awful strap: 

And then instead of dishes last night, I warped up the loom with a collection of blues out of the scrap bag: 

Inkle weaving needs to come with a warning label: May be addictively relaxing in its simplicity.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A moment of pause

Apparently more than a moment of pause in my posting, but I can be a touch on the scattered side. (Just a touch, stop laughing. Fine. More than a touch.)

The last month has been a glorious whirlwind of stuff, from A&S in early April (which I did post upon) to Fool in mid-May. I taught beginner bobbin lace on the cheap (hello Imposter Syndrome, how nice of you to come out to play), met awesome people and feel really content with my choice to not commit to a lot of classes, but rather drift in and out as social and whim caught me. One of said new friends commented on his blog about a gaming con that he knew things were good when he missed panels because he was too busy enjoying the conversation, and therefore wasn't bored and watching the clock, waiting for the distraction. That was Fool this year for me. I'd realize I was 20 mins late for a class I was interested in, because the company and conversation was too enjoyable to leave, and then decide to arrive late, or not go at all. Such a difference a year makes, when last year we knew about 4 people on site when we arrived and there was a lot of lost drifting.

With no more teaching/speaking obligations facing me 'til the Fall (huzzah!), my warm wooly knee high stockings done (just in time for summer!) and my fian challenge not yet started, I decided to a) take up a new to me skill and b) enjoy a bit of a handwork palate cleanser.

The first? I got an inkle loom on the cheap, because apparently looms really /are/ like pringles, you can't have just one. It looked a bit different than most of the pictures, but through copious stalking of weaving groups, I found another that looked the same and got it warped up.  43 threads of crappy but ubiquitous size 10 cotton. (I think it breeds in my house, I keep using it and I keep having MORE. I may be weaving with crochet cotton forever.) I think my tension is settling in, but wow am I slow at this. It'll come with practice, but this is not going to be knocked out in a blink.

The second is my palate cleanser piece. My first lace love was knitted lace, and it's a familiar comfort to settle back into tiny thread and needles and a nice chart. I've had this super tiny Dandelion doily on my ravelry queue for ages. Its a modern designer (few of those doing anything that's not a shawl), and so I figured I'd give it a go. Size 30 cotton here, and 2 mm needles.

Ideally I get this little guy finished up before I face a year's worth of needle lace. (What was I thinking? Seemed like a good idea at the time!)

Friday, April 24, 2015


A new pet arrived at the house last weekend, and his name is Fred. Clearly I am comfortable enough to use my pets in food, as this pet is all about the food producing, and the 'him' is a little bit of overkill, to be honest.

Fred in his jar
As you can probably guess, Fred is a sourdough starter, and has been named after the last sourdough starter I had years ago. Somehow, giving him a name makes me more likely to remember to feed him. There were offers to pick up starter at A&S and I was so caught up in Pent, I totally forgot. However, someone (Thanks E!) in the neighbouring canton was kind enough to share some of hers with me, and so Fred is slowly taking over the counter.

As much as I adore sourdough bread, I decided to branch out and baked up some quickbread with a chunk of Fred. Cinnamon quickbread (a muffin recipe baked in a loaf pan.) Turned out pretty well!