Thursday, November 13, 2014


I am not good at the preparation stage for a project. I get an idea, I get enthusiastic and I want to DO RIGHT NOW! Swatches? Practice bits? BAH! That's for other people.

Arty shot of the warping mill

I'm learning. Weaving is forcing me to change my ways. So is bobbin lace. There's a lot to be done before you get to the fun stuff. There's warp to weave, there's pricking to prick, there's bobbins to be wound. I'm finding this is extending to my knitting too, I knit more swatches. I accept it as a part of the project, not a waste of time. Or at least, I'm trying.

Winter is here, it's time for a new sweater.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Time sinks

Most of what I do is a terrible time sink. MUSHes, WoW, everything I do in terms of handwork. Today's time sink was WoW. A free week, and I can guess where I'll spend much of my free time. And then feel horribly guilty for how little I've gotten done. Today's photo to distract from a lack of content is a very sleepy Malkie.

Oy weekends

Good busy is still damn busy. Party, SCA event, larp.. oh my! A trio of dress up occasions in a trio of time periods. Victorian esque, Norse esque and then modern. I understand that modern isn't much of a dress up occasion, but when for a larp, it vaguely qualifies. Not a lot of writing this weekend, not a lot of brain for blog posts, but a good creative weekend none the less. As I don't have photos from party, larp or SCA event, I will distract you all with a photo of a cat in a laundry bin.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Na.. whatever.

While many of my friends are attempting to write novels this month, I'm going to go the shorter route (And I'm not much of a writer) and blog every day this month. It'll be short, what I was up to, what I was working on, something of that ilk.

Today was Lady Mary Memorial Tournament, an SCA event in St Catherine's. I'm realizing that the more I go to these things, the more I enjoy them. You start to get to know people enough to be comfortable enough to chat, and not spend /all/ of your time standing around looking lost. Someday, perhaps the packing for an event won't be a blind rush. Someday. The phone was dead today, so no pictures from the event. Instead, I provide for you a photo from the Woodstock Fleece Show back on Oct 18th. Llamas!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Jack of all trades...

and master of none. That's how the saying goes. I lament on a semi regular basis that I don't focus very well, and so I dabble. Eternally dabbling. I do a bit of this and that, sampling, starting and not finishing.

Periodically, I attempt to change my nature and focus. Okay. THIS time I'm going to just buckle down and do exclusively. 

It never lasts.

My poor self esteem would appreciate it if I did, this being a beginner eternally is hell, but there's something to be said for being able to learn and explore everything from cooking to weaving. I speak just enough of many jargons to find myself able to listen in all sorts of places.

And that, that is a good thing. So I'll just embrace the knitting, spinning, weaving, cooking, dyeing, embroidery, lacemaking, preserving, sewing, costuming, singing and so on and so forth.

It might never make me 'awesome' at anything. Or known for being an expert, but my self esteem is just going to have to cope.

I do sometimes finish things, and its cold enough to appreciate a lovely new scarf. (Adapted from Kinzel's Rose leaf curtain pattern, Malabrigo lace yarn)