Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where to next?

Other than a forgotten chunk of sewing and a class to prep for FOOL, I am at a glorious crossroads. I have no big deadlines for handwork. There's nothing that HAS to get done, for this or that. I get to plot and consider, dream and muse. I'm in that happy neverland where projects are quick, easy, stunning and without any snags. They don't get tedious, you dont run out of yarn, you still love the colours.

Do I pull one of the many items off the UFO list? Knitting? Spinning? Embroidery? Modern? SCA? A&S worthy? There is always something in the backpack to work on. Currently it's the second sock from my Pent entry, and a little cutwork piece. So always there's something small in the bag, but what else? 

I'm musing on next year's pent (yes, already. Researching first, how novel!), and next year's QPT, but I think perhaps for a little while, I'll get a few more things out of the UFO pile.

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