Friday, January 30, 2015


I am terrible for never putting plans out there, or not until they are mostly a done deal. If I tell people, then when I don't manage to get them done, I dont feel as if I look the fool. (I'm very very good at making many many plans, most of which dont come to fruition.)

So while I might fail, here's my aim before Kingdom A&S in April (early April. Oy.)

I'm hoping to enter the Pentathlon. Cause I'm dumb like that. (Much like my second race was a triathlon when I took up fitness, again with the dumb like that.)

Five entries, five categories (again, dumb like that.) Knitting, bobbin lace, horn carving, calligraphy and a research paper.

Bobbin lace entry is done (unless I get another spool of silk, and then it's 4/5 done.)

Knitting is eternal. (Seriously. Tiny needles, tiny gauge, big leg. Eternal.)

Horn carving is 1/3 to half done.

I'm not sure /what/ I'm entering in calligraphy. (I'm brand new at it. As I am most things on this list.)

Research is into medieval sheep breeds. (Why yes, yes I am a fibre geek.)

It might work out, I might just enter a couple pieces and do pent next year. Hopefully admitting it will help it come true! (or have people tell me I'm nuts.)

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