Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Burn the candles

I understand that this has been mostly a maker blog (food, textiles, stuff!), but as I'm really writing for an audience of one (me! Hi me! Nice of you to stop by!), it'll end up wandering off.

I shared a post on FB not so long ago titled 'Burn the Candles' which most took literally to burn candles they haven't used, and I took more generally. Burn the candles, but also use the good china, the fancy hand creams, the new pretty undies.

As I sit here using the nice hand cream (formerly being saved, now sitting on my desk at work being used many times a day), I realize how nicely that post dovetails with another post I read recently. It was on the other side of the coin, of getting rid of stuff. Only keep what brings you joy. Use the good stuff, the gifts, the pretties, but it's OKAY to get rid of the hand cream that you kept putting to the back of the cupboard because you hate the smell. Share it with a friend who likes it, or just get rid of it. It doesn't need to clutter your space, nor your guilt.

I've some throwing out to do when I get home tonight.

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