Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I decided (I also change my mind about every couple of days, so don't be surprised when this lingers. I get back to things eventually, but attention span is for other people.), but I decided that early period is just unflattering on me. It doesn't make me feel pretty, I prefer a bit more structure in my clothing, and so late period appeals.

Venetian will come, but for now I'm settled at mutt middle class Elizabethan. There's more hand holdy info for Elizabethan, and my sewing confidence is fairly terrible at the moment, so hand holding is important. If I was sane, I'd shell out the money for patterns, which would only need tweaking, I'm not good at sane. (I generally need to do it DIY the hard way first and /then/ enjoy the fruits of others' labours and wonder why I didn't do it this way in the first place!)

To this aim, I figure I need some basic layers. Chemise/smock. Petticoat (skirt). Bodice (pair of bodies, corset). Sleeves. Coif. Those are, as best as I can determine, the absolute bare bones of dressed enough to be seen in public. 

Then we get into the nice to haves. Doublet or Kirtle or Petticoat bodies to go over that whole shebang. Knit stockings (or sewn hose, but I'm a knitter). A loose coat to further go over that previous whole shebang. Hat. 

I keep having delusions about how fast I make things. (hint: Not at all). 

So I might be wearing the poor old brown tunic for some time to come. I do, however, have the chemise (basically) finished! Just hemming, and I'm 1/3rd done that! 

Look! A cuff!
I also have started swatching for stockings. I haven't entirely decided on yarn / needles or design, but I'm giving this combo a try. 

If all goes well, I might have stockings to enter in Spring A&S. :)

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