Friday, September 19, 2014

Down the rabbit hole...

Somehow, I end up thinking more about posting than actually posting. Or settling down to do things rather than type here. I really do need to remember that quick little updates are /fine/.

So what have I been up to? I'm glad you asked.

Weaving and knitting and eventing and baking, oh my! With some embroidery and basically an attempt to do ALL THE THINGS, and failing.

There's a loom in my life now.
45" Leclerc Fanny
And looms make cloth.

I went to an event in Toronto (Feast of the Bear) and finally started to feel like I was almost mostly sort of getting the hang of relaxing into the social, not feeling completely overwhelmed with new people and things, and perhaps even enjoying myself. I did a dozen embroidered pincushions for the largesse derby there.

Next up, a sextet of things for the largesse at the barn party, and making some final choices on my QPT. More on that later.

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