Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Productive weekends are productive.

It was, to be fair, more of a mini holiday. 4 days off work. One day was the first of our summer parties, filled with people and food and the spouse snaking out the drains a mere couple hours before 20 people arrived. The other three days were days of Finishing Things.

The mystery shawl? Finished and washed and blocked.

The Stor Lysedug doily? Washed and blocked. (I finished it a while back.) Although the camera really didn't like the spiral colours, it's far less trippy in person.

Acorn blackwork? Done, washed and mounted. (It's sitting with a teeny pincushion I made a few weeks back, and a needlecase that was a gift.)

My version of the Decimal sweater? Finished. Washed and blocked. (It doesn't fit, and I rather hate it through no fault of the pattern. Perhaps that's why there's no photo)

Six litres of strawberries and a litre of rhubarb? Mixed with much sugar and vinegar into 10 litres of various cordials, a litre of freezer jam and 2 litres of boozed fruit.

Another shawl got tossed into the frog pile as life is too short to work with crappy poly cotton and another doily almost faced the same fate until I did another row and determined it was pretty good. It can live another day.

This was how I felt by the end of it:

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