Friday, January 25, 2008

Old papers and impulse shopping

I was doing some (very very very ... very) overdue filing today. Like.. 6 yr old bills and papers that got shoved in a drawer and ignored. Studiously. Today I moved them to a file folder to get ignored for a while. I was struck, however, about how many 'past due' and 'this will be sent to collections' notices there was. I was in this job already (clearly, as I was clearing out a desk drawer at work), but I couldnt get a grip on finances. We had no budget. We had no plan. We had no real idea what we were spending, and clearly we were not paying on time.

Woah /boy/ am I glad those days are over.

Of course.. we can quite be all sanctamonious.. you see last night there was an incident.

We'd been talking about it for a while, and had nearly talked ourselves into waiting, until we played it. And that was game over for the restraint. We are both video game fans, it's something we can play together (rare in the video game world) and I think I know where the entertainment budget is going for months and months to come to replenish the savings we used to buy it with. I'm calling not going into debt to do it a victory. If you'll excuse me, 'Ruled by Impulse' needs it's lead vocalist.

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