Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday monday...

Bahhh baaaa.. baa daaaa daaa da. Monday, monday.. so good to me..

Okay Okay.. I'll stop singing. I may have discovered an unholy adoration for Singstar for my PS2 and have inflicted all sorts of barely in tune renditions of 80's tunes upon my longsuffering spouse and driven the cats into hiding.. but I digress.

In spite of the plague (why oh why did I spend my weekend sick and miserable and be healthy in time for work on Monday? I have paid sick leave! I have no qualms about using it! Bah! Cruel fates.), I still went out to spend my 25 bucks worth of gift certificate at the clothing store. They did caution me to use it 'soon' lest I lose it, as as it was already expired, I decided not to push what 'soon' actually meant.

I find out when I get there, that I need to spend 50 bucks to get the 25 dollars off. Hrm. Not ideal, but within my clothing budget for the month. I do need more than just the trousers (frugal is great, but even the most frugal need new undies eventually.) I find 3 pairs of jeans at varying amounts of discounted (two at half price, one at 10% off) and get to the trying on. Of course, because that's the way of the world, the only ones that don't look /awful/ are the ones the least discounted. 44.95. Well. That puts a good dent into my 50 buck requirement. 3 pairs of undies (regular price 3 for 15 buck) will easily put me over.. until I find the sale undie table. 3.97 a pair rather than 5 dollars.. that's a good start until I hit the jackpot of undie searching. 6 pairs in my size (and styles I'm willing to wear) are further marked down to a dollar each. Woot! (Okay, it really *is* a good word.) 44.95 for jeans (black jeans, with beads. Ooooh! Shiny!) and 6 pairs of undies takes me to 50.95. Perfect. And while the jeans weren't an great bargain, I can dance all over the place with the bargain of those panties. :)

One week of January down, and we're on track with the budget, and with the spending tracking. Go us!

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