Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rock Star, baybee!

I'm sitting here watching my husband play guitar on rockband. I was singing earlier, but I'm tired and out of sorts, so he's working on his solo guitar tour. I was struck by the differences in our approaches. I was the first to make the jump to hard difficulty, and the first to jump back to medium when I got my tush handed to me. I rarely do a song more than once in a row. I'd say never off hand. He was slower to move to hard, slower to move back to medium and I listen to the same songs over and over and over again as he practices. He actually uses practice mode to slow some of the more challenging songs down to 70% (or slower) speed and work at just the guitar solo bit by bit by bit. I leap in, hope for the best and I've been practice mode exactly once. At his urging. It's a wonderful highlight about how two very different people can both approach one thing (the game) and enjoy it in very different ways. Equally, how two people can co-operate (we have three different bands where we both work together), even with very different approaches. His love of practice gets indulged when we get asked to do the same songs are different gigs, my impulsive nature adores (even if I complain!) the random set lists. We're both happy. I think this is the point at which I draw some warm fuzzy after school special conclusion about different people working together yadda yadda.. you're all big people. You made the leap already, I don't need to. Besides 'Maple Infusion' needs it's lead singer for a random set list. Cant talk! This virtual superstar life takes it outta a girl!

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