Friday, January 4, 2008

It's too cold to go nekkid!

Quote of the day: "I don't have an hourglass figure. I have an hour and a half." – Wendy Lieblman, American Comedy Award winner (I got a quote-a-day calendar for Christmas, can ya tell?)

I need new jeans. I work in a semi-professional capacity and while I can turn up in jeans and a t-shirt to work (and do), they need to be clean and neat jeans (holes in the thighs and butt of jeans are not neat) and a t-shirt that's not making snarky commentary. (Or a beholder holding beer in its eyestalks. Or a 5 headed dragon queen. Why yes, I am a gamer.. why do you ask?)

I have been losing weight. Very slowly. (5 yrs. 90 lbs. Now I'm just 'holy hell you're fat' rather than 'heeey…we could do an exploitive TV special on your fatness!') This means that there is exactly one store in my city where I can buy trousers (or skirts or shorts or anything for the bottom half.) Fortunately, they do have sales and they do have a rewards program. I (stupidly) lost my gift certificate from the rewards program. And then put off calling about it. It expired in November. The nice lady on the phone… told me if I went in and used it right away.. I could still use the reissued one! Woot! (Okay, perhaps I'm a little too fond of the word of the year from last year.) New jeans, here I come! 25 bonus dollars will go a long way in keeping the clothing budget of 30 dollars for the month at realistic numbers. Might I also give a happy shout out to the customer service at Penningtons for customer service above and beyond. I might have different words if the store gives me grief, but so far I'm thrilled.

I've also been considering adding to my wardrobe by digging out the sewing machine. I am a capable seamstress, not wow, but not inept. I have a healthy fabric stash. I have a lack of bottoms that fit. (Freecycle has helped me have a stash a size or two smaller than my current size. As soon as I work out how to drop inches from my hips on command, I'll let all of you know.) New jeans are coming with gift certificate, but a new skirt is within the realms of my sewing abilities. (Trousers are fussy.. that' s a lot of curving fabric to make it fit my curvy self. Skirts are more forgiving, they like to curve all by themselves.) I'll let you know how this cunning plan works when (if?) I get to it.

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