Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day late and a dollar short.

Alright so more like 2 days late and closer to 800 dollars short, but doesn't have nearly the same ring to it. Nor is it in the dictionary. (Okay, so a freaky idiom dictionary, but a dictionary none the less.)

Happy New Years! Yeah yeah, so it's the 3rd, it's still newish. The 800 bucks? That's how badly December's budget got shattered. And I do mean shattered. More like a fine mist of budgetary owwie. Some of that is legit unexpected expenses. (250 bucks for new tires on Boxing day on the freeway halfway to the relative's house (500 km away) we were expected to be doing holiday foo with that day.) This is why we /have/ an emergency fund, to cope with new tires halfway down the 401. Some was presents not entirely budgeted for earlier in the year. (I only started on this 'lets not go broke' plan in September) Listening to co-workers discuss presents they bought their spouses, we did really well in not going overboard. (about 150 ish for both of us.. we have no children). I'd like to point at one spot and go 'There! that's the culprit! EEEVVVIIIL!!!' but.. looking over things.. we just spent too much in every category. A hazard of not having an itemized budget just a 'dont' spend more than X amount'.

January.. we have an itemized budget. And we're tracking every penny that we spend. Both are new. (So far, we've spend 19.37 at the grocery store. Not bad for a quickie after work run to buy things for lunches for the rest of this week. All things that will continue to be lunch bits next week too. Woot!) We'll see if this itemized budget is on crack.. I sort of threw numbers at categories with very vague 'that seems about right'.. Febuary's budget might need a little tweaking to come in line with reality.. but that's why we're writing things down. OMG! This monkey /can/ be trained! (Stop snickering.. and don't remind me that I've only been trying this for 3 days and I'm still in bubble stage of enthusiasm. Shush!)

I'll have some more resolutions and goals tomorrow. Sneak preview.. regular posting. Wouldnt that be novel? M-W-F (This is Wednesday's post.. a day late.. get it? I'm so clever with the title thing..)

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