Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flaming dishwasher of death!

Alright, so no.. not really. Although to read the recall notice and listen to the disclaimers I feel as though I should stand in my kitchen to wait for my dishwasher to burst into flames before my very eyes! Maytag has been quite insistant on getting a hold of me to tell me that my dishwasher has been recalled (kudos to them on that!), and give me a couple of options. (I tried to find a link on the Maytag site for the recall, but they list all sorts of other recalls, but not the one for my dishwasher. Odd.)

I can have a nice repair man come to fix my dishwasher at their expense, or I can have a 75 dollar credit towards a new dishwasher (subject to details I didn't entirely catch from the nice lady on the phone, although same brand I'd expect). As our dishwasher is 7 and a half years old (Have we really been in the house that long!? Goodness!), we decided to have a quick boo around the intranets and see what a new dishwasher runs for these days. Perhaps it might be worth replacing with a more efficient and quieter model if 75 buckaroos is a good deal.

Wowee! Goodness sake appliances are expensive suckers! How have I forgotten this in 7 and a half years? Heck, less than that as the fridge died not soooo long ago (3 yrs? Give or take ish?).. 75 bucks is barely a drip in the bucket of a new dishwasher. Especially with restrictions (no scratch and dent, no brand comparisons, probably a time limit which makes waiting for a sale much harder).

The part to repair our current one is in the post. :) Apparently we just call to set up an appointment with the repair guy (or gal) once it arrives. As much as my oooh shiney factor kinda wanted a new toy.. repairing is cheaper /and/ better than replacing a perfectly good dishwasher. Or what will be a perfectly good dishwasher when it no longer is likely to burst into flamey flamey death.

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