Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Talking to the cable company..

We recently gave a little more of our souls to the local cable company in the form of moving our land line over to them. It was the last hold out in not being owned by them body and soul (tv, internet, cell and now land line.. I'm surprised they don't offer me home and auto insurance, morgage and hydro as well. Sheesh.) This was the first bill since the change over and I thought I was reading War and Peace opening it up and facing the 8 pages. Prior to this, we got a discount for having more than one service with them. Reading the tome.. that'd been cancelled. Wait. We added services. We didn't take any away. Why should giving them more money and having a stranglehold on my life result in a loss of my discount? As the account is in my husband's name.. he's the one who gets to call. While making dinner, he gives them a call. (Yes, I'm spoiled rotten, why do you ask?) I heard him explain things to two different people. He's also very patient and doesn't lose his cool much, both excellent reasons to have him phone, and a few minutes later he comes back into the living room. "They fixed it. It was a mistake and as the payment hadn't come out of the account yet, they're going to take the right payment out." Woot! (Word of the year you know.. Look at me all hip or something..) It's only 14 bucks a month, but hey.. its 14 bucks a month!

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