Friday, June 26, 2015

Needle lace bookmark

I finally took the deep breath plunge and actually started a needle lace bookmark that I've been hauling around the directions (A handout by Mistress Meadhbh ni Dhubhthaigh, thank you!) for in my folder for months. MONTHS. Seriously brain, this is not that complicated or even all that exciting. It's string and some card and more string. If it's awful, you're going camping next week and can throw it in the fire.

It's a super beginner little bookmark, basically spending more time learning how to couch threads down onto a pricking, how to work over threads, how to hide ends. All the basics that one really needs to know. The pattern suggested starting with size 5 cotton, but as I'm already well familiar with small threads, I grabbed a scrap ball of size 30. (That and I have an entire ikea box of size 30 in stash and I'd have to go buy size 5. It's like ROPE to me. Size 30 seemed giant enough. Ahhh, perspective.)

I shrunk the pattern down a bit to be more pleasing to my eye (oh yeah, and cause I'm using smaller thread), and then couched down the border. Now its a never ending stream of button hole around said border. I had thought my tension on the border threads was pretty good, now that I'm working on it, it could have been tighter. I think it'll be fine in the end, but its fairly floppy before I get it covered. Also, I need to work on my button hole stitch consistency. Story of my life.

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