Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Slogging along

In every larger project, there is a spot where the novelty has worn off, you've still got a bazillion hours to go and it feels like you're getting nowhere.

The doily commission has firmly hit that state. With 560 stitches in every round, just getting through one round is a quest, let alone the next 30 that still remain to be done. (Every other round adds about 10 more stitches.. give or take a few, so it'll be more by the time I'm casting off.) It's finally gotten moved onto a 36" needle, so it looks a bit more like lace and less like a lot of squished cotton.

I didn't get nearly as much of it done at GenCon as I'd hoped. We spent more time walking and looking at things than sitting where I could knit. Which isn't a bad thing, over all, other than for my sore feet. :) Onwards and outwards!


Liadra said...

I'm curious - this looks like it has an open gap in the middle? Or am I missing something in the pictures? I know what you mean, though. Where you feel you're knit for two weeks and the piece has shrunk three inches in the interim...

Jazmin said...

It is an open gap in the centre! It's going to be an oval doily at the end, so there'll be a centre seam to sew up. Eventually. Someday!

Yes, it's exactly like that sense of measure, knit forever, measure again, find it's somehow shorter. Gah!