Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Loved and well loved

A blog that I read touched on an excellent topic this morning. Laura Fry is a production weaver who noted in the post I linked to there about how her textiles are meant to be used. Tea towels and table clothes, designed to be used and loved, spilled on and used for wiping up.

I love to visit and find my knitting on a table, perhaps with a little stain, or a spot where something caught. To know that it's out, being admired and used every day rather than a hurried toss on the table when I'm coming to visit? It makes the hours worth while. My knitted socks too, my shawls. I use them. I wear them out, I shove them in my bag to have if there's a chill. They get /used/. Life's too short to keep for good. I need to remember this with some lovely glass and ceramic cups I have. Life's too short /not/ to use them, they're precious to be for sentimental reasons, but that same sentiment says I should appreciate the hell out of them even if they might break.

My creative life has been a smattering of scattered samples, testing and poking and not doing any projects, per se, but this that and the other. Some dye work, some knitting work.. alright a lot of knitting stuff. The big doily is done save for one seam.

Now I just need to decide what, if anything, I'm entering in Lady Mary (I've nothing wow.. samples are not wow), and then what is for QPT and what is for pent.

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