Saturday, November 1, 2014

Na.. whatever.

While many of my friends are attempting to write novels this month, I'm going to go the shorter route (And I'm not much of a writer) and blog every day this month. It'll be short, what I was up to, what I was working on, something of that ilk.

Today was Lady Mary Memorial Tournament, an SCA event in St Catherine's. I'm realizing that the more I go to these things, the more I enjoy them. You start to get to know people enough to be comfortable enough to chat, and not spend /all/ of your time standing around looking lost. Someday, perhaps the packing for an event won't be a blind rush. Someday. The phone was dead today, so no pictures from the event. Instead, I provide for you a photo from the Woodstock Fleece Show back on Oct 18th. Llamas!

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