Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knit Along

It's been a damn long time since I did a mystery knit along, but for whatever reason I read about this one and got the urge. Five parts, one per weekend, to make a narrow shawl (scarf really) out of yarn I already own.  It started June 1, I'll post some photos along the way. I'm actually rather delighted by this prospect! (In spite of having more than enough projects on the go, I mean /really/.)

I decided ultimately to branch out from the directions (I'm really terrible at following directions) and instead of the fingering weight wool suggested, I'm using a heavy laceweight cotton/linen blend. I also didn't bother to swatch, but I never do for lace or a shawl. I figure the first repeat or two is my swatch and if I hate it, I'll rip it and start again.

It looks interesting, I keep waffling back and forth on if I like or not, but as I'm 2/3rd of the way through clue 1, I think I'm keeping it.

And this is a closer shot of the pattern.

I think it looks pretty good in the linen, now that I'm looking at it again, different certainly, but good.

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