Thursday, May 29, 2014


My wheel is home. It went walkabout.. well.. it's a bit of a story. It got loaned to someone in the needlecraft guild many years ago. I'm going to say 6 years? Or so? And then she dropped out of the guild, and I dropped out of the guild and Life intervened. Moves and life changes and and and, and we lost track of each other utterly. And so, I mourned a bit, and accepted that it was gone, and moved on. Until a mutual friend brought her to a party, utterly unrelated, and we met each other again.. nearly a year ago. I got dumb (it happens often), and it took until the impetous of going to FoOL (A&S focused weekend) to suck it up and go get my wheel back and remind myself how to spin on it.

Which I've been doing in spades, and apparently still have some vague recollections of how to spin! (Most reassuring really, that my hands really have learned something from years and years of drop spindling).

So I decided to take all of my horrible fleece bits that have been tossed into random dye pots over the years (you know the ones, the pot that's not quite exhausted, but you dont want to just throw it out, so you toss a handful of terrible fleece in). The fleece is awful. Nubby and VM riddled and fuzzy and not soft at all. So it's all getting spun up as it might wish. A bit thick and thin, a lot of fuzzy nubblies, and then I'll knit it up into a pouch and felt the crap out of it. I don't think its strictly period, but it's certainly period inspired.

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