Friday, April 19, 2013

April's Green Box

So apparently I don't post in the winter, or something. Not that I've ever made much of a promise about posting regularly.

Anyhow, in March I finally got my act together to do something I've wanted to do for ages. Get on board with Guelph's Green Box program. Basically it's a small fresh food co-op run by some municipal department, and for 20 dollars (for the large box), we get a grocery bin's worth of fresh local (and in the winter not so local) produce once a month.

For us, we eat produce. A lot actually, but we don't often buy new or interesting things, and honestly I wanted the challenge and interest of someone else handing me healthy food going 'try this!'

I neglected to take a picture of March's haul, but Aprils' looked like this:

Mmm. Produce.
And because you can't see it well in that first picture, get a load of the sweet potato! It's sitting next to a 3lb bag of carrots!

Sweet potato of DOOM!
It is the biggest damn sweet potato I have ever seen. Now I just need to learn how to not overcook asparagus, and what to do with fresh thyme when you dont much care for thyme.

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