Saturday, May 8, 2010

K-cup review: Van Houtte Spicy Mayan Chocolate

I do have to admit that this is the second time I've had this coffee, and I was too half asleep drinking it the first time to manage to come up with comments on it. I'm not sure I'm all that much more awake this time, but at least I'm half asleep with a coffee and a editing window in front of me. It's progress!

I'm not sure why it's supposed to be spicy. I think the name just sounds good. Perhaps there's hints of some sort of spice, but mostly this just screams chocolate at me. And for once, chocolate that doesnt have a nut component to it. It's closer to chocolate in my coffee (without being the cloying of actually tossing hot chocolate mix in there) than I think any other chocolate flavour I've tried. It's pretty pleasant really, and I do wonder how it'd do in a mocha. I think all the subtleties would be lost.

4 travel mugs out of 5.

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