Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mixing it up a bit

I realize up to this point, this has basically been a food blog, and there`s nothing wrong with that. That being said, based on the name, one can imagine that I don't focus entirely on any one thing. (Ahhh ha ha ha. Focus. Ahhh ha ha ha.)

I recently joined (re-joined? I think one event 20 yrs ago can be safely mulliganed and I'm starting over, goodness knows I didn't accomplish anything in that first brief foray) the SCA. (No, I don't have any fondness for free time, apparently. Clearly I needed another life-encompassing hobby. (Yes, I also have an overfondness for parentheses.)) While I'm not very good at consistency, it seems like this would be a good place to plunk the various random thoughts and projects and bits and pieces.

I arrived at the SCA fully ensconced already in a handwork sort of mindset. I make a terrible newbie, and while I know both diddly and squat about the trappings of the organization, I can talk handwork (even to some degree in an historical context) with the best of them. Knitting, spinning, dyeing (natural and modern), embroidery, lace (of a variety of flavours), cooking, preserving... I've tried all of them, and do most of them if somewhat haphazardly and the idea of having people around who grok the interest in boiling queen anne's lace just to see what happens when you dunk wool in it? (It stinks to high heaven and then gives a yellow that didn't thrill me.) Well. I have found my tribe.

Rather than spam all to heck in one post, I'll split things up into a few, but as I know how lovely photos are in blog posts, I'll tuck in a random photo from Italy. Found in a public park next to Plaza San Marco in Venice, posted on a black tarp covered wall, clearly it was Not Dangerous.

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